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The AFTNCorrectionManagementProvider Service Interface manages the operations performed by the FDO to correct erroneous AFTN messages concerning in-coming flight plan that cannot be processed automatically by the system.
It covers the following cases:
- AFTN Modification messages: CHG, CNL, DLA, ARR, DEP (ICAO format), ICHG, ICNL, IDLA, IARR, IDEP, IACH (ADEXP format). In this case, it may be necessary to associate a FP to these messages to be able to correct them successfully.
- AFTN Creation messages: FPL (ICAO format), IFPL, IAPL (ADEXP format).

This Service Interface encompasses the different operations performed by the ATCO and modifying the Flight Plan Data. These operations can be divided in two sets of operations: the tactical instructions and the system inputs performed to modify the planed route:
- ATC tactical Instructions: Holding, Heading, Speed, Cleared Flight Level (CFL),Rate Of climb/Descend (ROCD), Direct To and Cleared To,
- System inputs: entry FL (EFL), exit FL (XFL), enCruiseFL (ECL) and requested Flight Level (RFL).