IP69 SESAR 3D RADAR Service Grib2

Provides access to Pan European 3D RADAR data in Feet and in Grib2 format


Provides the consumer with the latest Pan European 3D RADAR Data

No preconditions identified.
TI Protocol Methods
Operation Message
Processing Consideration

This endpoint will return High resolution 1km Radar at 5 minute intervals in Grib2 format in feet. Note that the user must set the API key into the url at place Token. It is deemed a candidate service as the Grib2 output has not been fully quality assured by any parties outside the Met Office.

A candidate service to request and obtain a payload of Low resolution Radar data in Grib2 format in feet at 2KM resolution in 15 minute intervals.

Deemed a candidate service as the Grib2 format payload has not yet been validated by any parties outside of the Met Office.

Interface Binding Description

HTTP GET requests requests and associated responses. The interface shall return compressed (zip) files.

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