This Service Interface exposes operations used by the Operational Supervisor to modify the Sector Configuration Data.


Enables to activate a sector mapping: the supervisor selects a mapping (next or pre-defined mapping) that will replace the current mapping of the concerned ASTUSectorConfiguration.
The supervisor may also choose to revert back to the pre-defined default sector mapping. If not, the input parameters shall be the identifier and the state (next or pre-defined) of the origin sector mapping.
As a consequence, the parameter sectorMappingId is MANDATORY when the parameter revertToDefaultMapping is not filled or set to FALSE (but if revertToDefaultMapping is set to YES, sectorMappingId is not needed)..

Enables to modify a current mapping or a next mapping of a given ATSUSectorConfiguration..

Enables to load a pre-defined mapping as being the next mapping of a given ASTUSectorConfiguration.

The input parameters shall be:
- the ATSUSectorConfigurationIdentifier,
- the identifier of the sectorMapping.

Enables to delete a given sector mapping. Only the next sector mapping can be deleted.
The input parameter is the identifier of the concerned ATSUSectorConfiguration (sufficient to delete a next mapping knowing that only one next sector mapping per ATSUSectorConfiguration).

Interface Binding Description

Information is exchanged in Protobuf format. Protocol buffers or Protobuf are Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data similar to XML, but smaller, faster, and simpler.

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