This Service Interface exposes the set of operations related to SSR Code Management that are not necessarily required to achieve a usual/basic interoperability level.


The operation allows to reset the isEligibleForModeSCode indicator (i.e. change it from TRUE to FALSE) or, if manually reset, to enable again its automatic reassessment (i.e. enable its automatic change from FALSE to TRUE, if previously manually changed from TRUE to FALSE).
The setModeSEligible attribute is ignored by CCS.

When the system will have to automatically assign a SSR code to the flight, the system will take this status (indicator set or not) into account to determine the proper code to use (discrete or conspicuity).
By default, automatic reassessment is allowed.
On reset of the "Eligible for Mode S Code" indicator in the SFPL, the system shall:
- trigger a new discrete SSR code automatic assignment to the controlled SFPL internal segments that had the conspicuity code automatically assigned and are not in left status, if any, and
- store the conspicuity code in the PSSR of these internal segments, if any, and
- remove the Mode S address stored in the SFPL, if the SFPL was correlated on the conspicuity code.
- disable the automatic reassessment of the indicator.
If automatic reassessment is allowed, the indicator is TRUE if :
- the flight is Mode S equipped
- the entire remaining route is included in a Mode S declared Airspace
- the flight belongs to a Mode S flagged directional flow.
For an inbound flight, if the SSR code received from the upstream segment is the Mode S conspicuity code, the system forces the Mode S capability of the flight and considers it as a Mode S flight..

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Information is exchanged in Protobuf format. Protocol buffers or Protobuf are Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data similar to XML, but smaller, faster, and simpler.

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