CCS OperationalConfigurationManagement 2.0.0


This Service is part of Coflight Cloud Services (CCS), which are primarily designed to support the Virtual Centre concept. As such, these CCS Services support the interactions between the CCS ATM Data Service Provider (ADSP) and Virtual Centre Air Traffic Service Units (ATSUs). The CCS OperationalConfigurationManagement service is consistent with the other CCS services. It allows the ACC/Approach operational supervisor to manage the operational configuration in the ATSU by processing his input on the following on-line data:

- the mapping of control roles and responsibilities (control volume, ADES, set of runways,...) to Control Working Positions - Airspace status management (ARES/CDR activation...)

- Airspace planning management (ARES/CDR timesheets)

- Aerodrome configuration management

- RadioFrequency allocation plan management

Note: Only civil flights are handled by CCS services.

This version of the service is intended to be used in 'test mission', which aims at providing services and support to the Customer(s) to enable them to test any version of their ATM system during development. Please note that the use of CCS OperationalConfigurationManagement Service implies the use of CCS OperationalConfigurationDistribution Service for sector mappings, aerodrome configuration and radio frequency allocation and of CCS AirspaceStatusDistribution Service for ARES/CDR.


Service retired from 20/03/2023

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DSNA: the French air navigation service provider

ENAV; the Italian air navigation service provider

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