The sectorisation management service provides any connecting client with the means to perform a re-sectorisation change. Two kind of requests can be made, being: • A request to verify a new sectorisation change (i.e. would the request once executed be valid for the server?), • A request to perform a sectorisation change. When an input is made and successfully processed the response to the request is delivered in two parts: • Each input is first replied with the AcknowledgementMessage to indicate the acceptance or rejection of the request. The client is expected to start an internal timer in order to capture those cases where there would be no reply. In case of the latter, the client is expected to trigger a new input. • Secondly, provided the input was accepted, the updated information (as delivered by the Sectorisation Distribution service) is sent. As such, subscription to the Sectorisation distribution service is mandatory prior the user requesting sectorisation modifications.

Interface Binding Description

AMQP 1.0 content-type header used to specify media type values

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TI Primitive Message Exchange Pattern
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