CCS SSRCodeManagement 2.0.0


This Service is part of Coflight Cloud Services (CCS), which are primarily designed to support the Virtual Centre concept. As such, these CCS Services support the interactions between the CCS ATM Data Service Provider (ADSP) and Virtual Centre Air Traffic Service Units (ATSUs). The CCS SSRCodeManagement service is consistent with the other CCS services. It addresses the assignment of SSR codes to eligible flights and release of SSR codes assigned to flights when requested to do so. Normally, to reduce controller workload, the assignment and release processes are triggered automatically by a timer or event. However, if the automatic process fails, operations are provided for controllers and other authorised users, e.g. FDO, to manually request the assignment or release of a code. This version of the service is intended to be used in 'test mission', which aims at providing services and support to the Customer(s) to enable them to test any version of their ATM system during development.

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DSNA: the French air navigation service provider

ENAV; the Italian air navigation service provider

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For Incidents on services in operation, contact the Service desk [working hours/opening days] as described in the related support service (incident management) supplied by CCS provider to CCS customer during the procurement phase

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