CCS MonitoringAidsDistribution 2.0.0


This Service is part of Coflight Cloud Services (CCS), which are primarily designed to support the Virtual Centre concept. As such, these CCS Services support the interactions between the CCS ATM Data Service Provider (ADSP) and Virtual Centre Air Traffic Service Units (ATSUs). The CCS MonitoringAidsDistribution service is consistent with the other CCS services. It addresses the distribution of the Conformance Monitoring Aids to the CWP, providing the whole picture of the trajectory adherence status of a flight. The adherence status, seen as a composition of detected deviations, is usually determined by monitoring flight behaviour (i.e. lateral, vertical, speed) and intents against thresholds determined on elements of the ground system trajectory and issued clearances. The deviations are of different natures. They may be relative to: - Track conformance with controller clearances. e.g. checking that the track altitude corresponds to the CFL - Track conformance with holding plans. e.g. checking that a track is exiting a hold at the planned time - Track conformance with the planned or tactical trajectory in the lateral, vertical and longitudinal dimensions This version of the service is intended to be used in 'test mission', which aims at providing services and support to the Customer(s) to enable them to test any version of their ATM system during development.


Service retired from 20/03/2023

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DSNA: the French air navigation service provider

ENAV; the Italian air navigation service provider

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