European Contrails Forecast V1.0


European Contrails forecast product using a multimodel approach and delivered as a WFS (GeoJSON) SWIM webservice

Formation of condensation-trail cirrus clouds of ice crystals, also known as contrails are a major contributor to aviation environmental impact.

The formation of persistent contrails depends on the environmental conditions and aircraft/engine technologies.

Contrails probability areas forecast product is computed by MetSafe based on a multi-model approach. This product uses the Schmidt-Appleman criterion to estimate areas (traduced as geographical polygons) where there is a probability of persisting contrails.

Contrails forecast characteristics are:

- +24H forecast by 1 hour step

- 5km geographical resolution over Europe / vertical resolution FL20

- Refresh every time a model is updated (average of 9 updates/day)

- Delivery as polygon with a confidence index

- Ensured quality of service through Service Level Agreement

Independent validation of this forecast will be performed in 2022.

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MetSafe proposes an access to global meteorological webservices for the aviation community through its cloud-based services platform. 

Access to data service delivers on a global scale regulated meteorological products, real time adverse weather service (radar, satellite) and numerical weather prediction products.

State of the atmosphere services (wind sand, SO2…) are also proposed based on COPERNICUS data.

Information is delivered through a SWIM yellow profile compliant API with ATM-grade quality of service.

MetSafe platform is powered by multiple meteorological sources. A partnership with MétéoFrance and Météorage ensures access to the latest state of art meteorological products.

Beyond provision of access to data, MetSafe provides tailored expert services such as extraction of meteorological information around the 4D trajectory or weather impact prediction for ATFCM.

Our meteorological webservices are used operationally to support various applications: Air Traffic Control Working position, Electronic flight Bag, fuel optimisation for airline.

MetSafe is based in ENAC Incubator, Toulouse. 

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