his service aims to support airports to manage their operations based on passenger demand predictions. This is done through optimised planning and anticipation of operational issues linked to a passenger flow. Enhanced staff planning and resource allocation as such can be applied to avert operational disruptions.</p><p>The service provides users with different information views that are linked to predicted number of passengers, flights, and even cancellations. Primary objective is to provide users with the opportunity to anticipate passenger volumes, which further supports operational planning and on-time performance on the day of operations linked to smooth passenger handling process.</p><p>Moreover, passenger numbers have direct impact on turnaround times. Availability of predicted passenger numbers per flight to ground handlers and airport operators may improve TOBT predictions and thus result in improved DPI messages quality, which may have positive impact on the reliability of TTOT predictions.</p><p>Even though this service is available through a Power BI dashboard, airport operators have asked for a B2B / SWIM service to get direct access to the data for their airport, in order to integrate them in their own planning and operational tools.