AIRM Conformant

The CorrelationData class consists of the correlation information related to a given flight: correlationStatus, FlightIdentifier, optionally the TrackIdentifier, and CorrelationAmbiguityData (present in case of ambiguity only)...
CCS starts distributing correlation data for an SFPL when this SFPL is eligible for correlation or if it is MANUALLY_CORRELATED.

An SFPL is eligible for correlation if the following conditions are satisfied:

- it is not CORRELATED,
- at least one internal segment of the system instance is PENDING or LIVE (e.q "pre-active" or "active" in Coflight) or one external segment of the system instance is LIVE (e.q "in-use" in Coflight),
- it has at least an SSR Code to be correlated (in the SSR Code sequence computed for this SFPL, an SSR Code has not yet been used for correlation or has been used, then decorrelated).

- To be eligible for correlation with Mode S tracks, an SFPL has to be Mode S equipped.
- An SFPL without controlled segments cannot have an SSR code to be correlated, therefore it is not eligible for correlation.