Authentication and authorisation

The CCS provider acts as a certificate authority to provide and validate X.509 certificates. Before service operation, a package including X509 certificate and private key, will be delivered to the customer using the PKCS#12 archive file format.

Mutual authentication with X509 certificates is used between the AMQP broker and its client. Prior to any exchanges of AMQP Messages, the CCS customer shall establish with CCS Provider a TLS session using TLS 1.2 version.


CCS customer shall provide its certificates when establishing the connection. The certificates shall be valid (nor corrupted, nor revoked). The certificates of the CCS customer allow its identification for the use of the different CCS services (CCS business services at lower level).


The CCS provider transmit its complete certificate during the connection phase and allow OCSP stapling to allow the CCS customer to check if it is valid or not.


For the cryptographic algorithms, the authorized cipher suites must be agreed between the CCS provider and the customer based on the standards.

As an ATSU, the CCS business services customer, once identified, has access to all CCS services.

In the case of a Customer that would fail to authenticate 3 times in less than 3 minutes, the IP address would be ban and has to trigger the incident management procedure.