AUGUR RAIM Prediction Service

This interface allows requesting RAIM outages for a set of locations.


The getJWT Service Operation receives the user/pass credentials. The operation returns an access and refresh JWT taking into account the processing considerations.

The getGPSStatus Service Operation returns information regarding the last RAIM prediction available.

The getLocations Service Operation returns a list of the available aerodromes in the RAIM prediction.

The requestOutages Service Operation provides a desired RAIM algorithm, a list of locations with ICAO codes or lat/lon info and optionally a start time. The service returns the related outage information for the requested parameters within a 72 hour time period since the start time.

Interface Binding Description

JSON requests and replies embedded into REST messages, themselves embedded into HTTP requests and responses. Operation names are associated to REST requests. The interface does not use compression or message transmission optimization mechanism (MTOM).

Interface Provision Side
TI Primitive Message Exchange Pattern
Service Interface Binding
Network Interface Binding