Implementing Regulation 716/2014 (PCP) - S-AF5.4, CHAP.5.1.4 (2)

Operational Need

Operational stakeholders shall implement services which support the exchange of the following meteorological information using the yellow SWIM TI profile: Meteorological prediction of the weather at the airport concerned, at a small interval in the future: wind speed and direction, the air temperature, the altimeter pressure settings, the runway visual range (RVR); Provide Volcanic Ash Mass Concentration; Specific MET info feature service; Winds aloft information service; Meteorological information exchange. Meteorological information supporting Aerodrome ATC and Airport Landside AND/OR En Route/Approach ATC AND/OR Network Information Management process or aids involving the relevant MET information, translation process to derive constraints for weather and converting this information in an ATM impact; the system capability mainly targets a 'time to decision' horizon between 20 minutes and 7 days.