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Aeronautical Information Management
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Aeronautical Information
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Airport Operator
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Airport (ramp)

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1Integrate allows you to assess the quality of your source data sets, compared to geometric and functional specifications, and to apply transformations in order to make them compliant, through an automated processing service based on rules.

1Spatial has applied their 1Integrate product to three rules on AMDB files, specifically selected from the ED-99 document to demonstrate a variety of functionality and highlight the capabilities of the product.

1Spatial is proud to offer the 1Integrate service in three different environments, each offers slightly different functionality, but, all three run on the powerful 1Integrate rule engine.

  • 1Integrate
  • 1Integrate for ArcGIS
  • 1Spatial Cloud

1Spatial Cloud offers you the convenience of the cloud coupled with the power of the 1Integrate rule engine,  meaning that you can focus on your spatial data needs regardless of your location without the hassle of hosting to worry about.


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